We love these guys. Awww.

Need a designer? A director? Creative input? An accountant or business guru that ‘gets’ creatives? A cool shirt? We’ve worked with these guys and they are 100% guaranteed word herd approved awesomeness, so you might like to work with them too. Or maybe just stalk them online. Whatever.

Right brains:


Steve is your man if you need amazing video content, a short film, a TV commercial or a dose of ginger beard.


Maria and her team are our go-to people for all things design. We bring the words, they bring the visuals. They’re rad.


Nat is a digital designer with a slick aesthetic and his finger on the pulse (he practically is the pulse). He pretty much knows everything about technology, design and music. Except Mim’s taste in music. This annoys him.

www.nickclifford.com.au / www.strangedays.com.au

Nick is a gen-Y slashie (aka Renaissance man) who makes super cool shirts, photographs pretty things (products and people) and can graphic design the pants off a website, brand identity or bikini.

Left brains:


Without Gabi we’d probably still think that “cash flow” is a slow moving Scandinavian glacier made out of five dollar notes and that “GST” stands for Great Shrimp Taco. She translates business lingo into creative-friendly slang.


Jon is a mega-strategist and ideas man for small businesses who want to think big. He’s always good for sage advice over a coffee. Or a wine.